03 - Cars

During my one year living in Bondi, I spent a lot of time exploring. Just walking around with my camera in hand taking photos of anything interesting. While wandering the streets over the space of a couple of weeks I managed to find and photograph a cool old truck just outside my old apartment in Bondi, a convertible parked at Martin Place in the CBD and a Porsche parked on Hall St near Bondi Beach. When I got the photos back from the wonderful folks at Richard Photo Lab, I was immediately happy with how the shots looked. Just a simple photo taken from the opposite side of the street with the car sitting right in the middle of the frame.

From then on for a good three to six months I proceeded to photograph cars all over Bondi and other parts of the city. I would spend one to two days a weekend walking around searching for vintage cars, expensive flashy cars and anything in between. Eventually I collected enough images that I thought would be suitable for the series. Plenty of fun and plenty of exercise in the process. My favourite photo, the convertible out the front of Tyres & More was something I had been scoping out for a week. Everyday while catching the bus to work I noticed a black convertible being parked on the street. Then one day I decided to take my camera along with me on the journey to work to capture this car. When I arrived out the front, I was at first disappointed to see that the car I thought was going to be there was no longer around but instead this gorgeous blue vintage beast was sitting there. I happily got a few photos and then jumped back on the bus to go work. Had I chosen to go a day earlier or later, I would have missed that moment. I never saw the car again after that so I learnt that sometimes luck and chance goes a long way into a great photo.

Shot on a Mamiya 7, 80mm f4.0 lens and Kodak Portra 400 film. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab in Los Angeles, California.