18 - Family

I’ve been very fortunate to grow up in large, loving family. As the oldest of four kids, my mum and dad always made sure we were well provided for plus also making sure we had a great education. For the first nine years of my life, we were up in Cairns in Far North Queensland before moving down to Woodford in South East Queensland (about an hour north of the nearest main city, Brisbane). We were also very lucky to have two parents that had travelled a lot. My first trip overseas was Fiji when I was seven plus over the next 10 or so years we got to go to the USA, China, Bali and the UK/France. It has definitely rubbed off on me and my two brothers and sister with travelling being one of our biggest passions.

I took these photos while at home on the farm for Christmas last year using the timer on my Mamiya 7. They perfectly sum up our family with the inclusion of our loving and faithful dogs - Roly, Rusty and Cimba. My parents farm is such beautiful location and is always nice to visit for some much needed downtime away from the the busy world of city life. Can’t wait to get back up there again soon.