21 - 2015 Wrap Up

So I’ve decided to do a wrap-up post for 2015. 2015 has been an up and down year in terms of photography for me. I’ve definitely photographed and travelled a hell of a lot less then 2014 and 2013 and spent the entire year in Australia with my head down saving money for my next trip.

But on the upside, I did manage to design, fund and print my first ever photography publication (Into the Desert) back in June plus I’m in the final stages of putting together my next photography series due for print in early 2016.

I’ve also had great intentions for new photography series and general portraits which for a number of reasons have not worked out (lack of motivation mostly) which in hindsight I should have worked on making a reality. But I’ve met some really great people this year that have become friends, done a bunch of little trips around near Sydney and taken some great photos too. So here are my favourite pictures from the year just gone.

2016 is going to be a big year. I’ll be turning 30 in June so I wanna make every moment and day count. I’ve already had new inspiration for a couple of photography series to work on and some outstanding ones to complete in the first few months. Plus continue to do more cool collaborations with fellow designers and photographers. I’ll also be heading overseas again to the US in the early/middle part of the year (but for how long? who knows!). I’ve got big massive plans for that with an eventual publication as an end result. It’s hard to explain how much I am looking forward to going travelling again and tying it in with new photography ideas.

So thanks for a great year legends and hello to an amazing new year full of potential and exciting new adventures, yew beauty!