09 - 25 (Portrait Series)

25 was a portrait series of various friends and family from Australia, Canada and the USA taken over the period of nine months during 2012 and 2013. It all came about after taking a number of portraits while living in Sydney and realising how much I enjoyed it. I then developed the idea into a series the theme to showcase every individual in a natural setting holding an item that represented or meant something dear to them.

This project was photographed entirely on medium format film and only using natural light available. It covers a wide spectrum of different people and items including cameras, dogs, a surfboard, a motorbike and a tattoos. I enjoyed being able to photograph family and friends around the world and in turn them opening up to me with their object of choice to represent the kind of person they are. Such a rewarding experience that taught me a lot and also inspired me to shoot more portraits for another series coming in 2015.

All images shot on a Mamiya 7, 80mm f4.0 lens and Kodak Portra 160 and 400 film. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab in California.